Managers across the country have gained the power to rein in their hauling costs by partnering with ADM. Our account represents a large chunk of business for most of our haulers which empowers your demands. You want better service? You got it! You want better rates? You got it! You want easier billing, more peace of mind? Partnering with ADM gives you the leverage you need to get what you want.

ADM Environmental Group is a national waste management firm, providing efficient, cost effective waste and recycling services to a full spectrum of clients, spanning many industries across the U.S. and Canada. We integrate our diverse clientele ranging from large corporate accounts including nursing homes, hospitals, hotel chains, and real estate groups to smaller private accounts into a single unparalleled leveraged buying force. This collective buying power combined with our close relationships with all the national haulers results in guaranteed rate reductions and service level enhancements, regardless of the specific property's location, state, or region within the U.S. or Canada. We provide increased stability and peace of mind, while reducing the complexities of the billing process.

The size and diversity of our accounts gives us unique leverage with the waste haulers, enabling us to demand and receive the maximum rate reductions possible. We negotiate with the national haulers on a local level, dealing individually with each property, and getting the best possible rate for that specific region.

Our leveraged buying power lends clout to our demands for more efficient scheduled service and gives us authority to pressure the haulers when an unscheduled pickup is necessary. We are fanatical about our Customer Service. A single national toll-free number handles any issue or request from any client location with a prompt, professional resolution. We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients precisely because of our client-centric focus and our dedication to our client's needs.

Our guarantee to all our clients is the same: You will NOT see any unexplained adjustments, hidden charges, or surprise rate increases. You WILL see the same rock-solid dependable service and reliable pricing all our clients have come to depend on. In fact, usually, you will not have to switch haulers at all, and simply enjoy the lower rates and better service you will be receiving.

The advantage to having all your properties billed by the same vendor is increased accuracy, a single point of contact for any billing issues that arise, and enhanced tracking ability.

You're a clever businessman, watching the bottom line, shrewdly looking for the profitable angle in all your business dealings. Here is one you can't pass up: Partner with ADM and give yourself that added leverage and power, that angle you're always waiting for, to cut and control your trash management costs and put your focus back where it belongs….. on your business.

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